Wall Coverings

Full Service: Design, Production & Installation

Your walls can do so much more than just stand around. Custom wall coverings are found in both business buildings and upscale home design.

With more than 40 years of experience, Ogden Blue knows exactly how to ensure the best result for your project. We offer full service, including project assessment, design, production and professional installation. We don’t leave anything to chance. We know how everything needs to work together, start to finish, to create a your specific look.

Your wall coverings should be a projection of your vision and brand. We custom manufacture your wall coverings to fit your specific walls, ceilings and stairwells. We can easily accommodate architectural obstacles such as windows, signs, drinking fountains, and anything else.

Every job is different. Ask Ogden Blue about the best products to meet your specific needs. We always promise 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Business Documents

Specification Books
Printing in multiple locations and need to coordinate the distribution of your specifications with your plans? Ogden Blue offers high-speed digital printing options for your construction specifications from both hard copy originals and digital files. We’ll make sure your specifications are placed in the correct order and arrive when and where they need to be; on time and alongside your plans.

Environmental Impact Study Reports
EIS reports range in length and detail, depending on the environmental repercussions and scope of the project. Because of their complexity, size, timeliness, and political sensitivity, the reproduction of these documents requires an experienced and detailed staff. You can trust us to successfully manage your EIS document delivery obligations.

Additional Small Format Printing Services:

  • Design Books
  • Presentation Proposals
  • Binders & Tabs
  • Color Flyers
  • Coupons and handouts
  • Custom Projects
  • File Box Scan & Copy
  • Sales & Marketing Collateral
  • Brochures
  • Mailers
  • Posters
  • Business Cards

Mounting & Laminating
We can mount originals up to 48″ wide and 96″ long. We carry a variety of substrates including: Foamcore, Ultra Board, Gatorboard and Sintra that come in thicknesses up to a half inch in black or white. We can laminate originals up to 52″ wide by any manageable length, in gloss or matte finishes.

Scanning Services
Do you need something scanned to a digital file? We can help. We have high quality scanning equipment that will generate PDF or TIF files from your original documents. We custom quote large archival jobs.

From start to finish, Ogden Blue can customize your window graphic and have it ready for pick up or delivery in under 24 hours.



Spec Books

Customer Reward Cards

Banners and Signs

Eye-catching signage in dozens of substrates. We’ll help you find the right material for your application. Indoor, outdoor or outer space. It doesn’t matter. We’ll produce the work and install everything. Count on the quality of Ogden Blue visual communication products to outlast the competition.




Window Clings, Decals and Treatments

Advertise as large as you like with custom window graphics, clings, decals and treatments. We feature high-quality prints, printed on multiple product options, which provides you with the ability to either block outside views or 1-way graphics which allow for see-through from the inside of the window.

Custom window decal features:

  • Custom window decals can be applied to any glass surface
  • Graphic front with an adhesive back
  • Ogden Blue decals are easy on and off
  • Perfect for special promos or store sale
  • Vibrant Colors with our state of the art printing technology
  • Installs in minutes, looks great for years

Custom window decals can heighten your business and product appearance to potential customers with news of promotions, sales, store hours, new inventory, or your company logo. Custom window decals are a crucial driving force for attracting new customers in to retail or store front business.

Custom window decals are perfect for all industries including:

  • Retail
  • Food and Beverage
  • Restaurant
  • Commercial
  • Government

From start to finish, Ogden Blue can customize your window graphic and have it ready for pick up or delivery in under 24 hours.

Construction Site Necessities

Tell the world that you are on the site and on the job. Quality site signage enhances your brand, and other signage provides clear directions to keep the site safe and the project moving forward.

To maintain your brand and image through months of exposure to the elements, Ogden Blue provides materials, processes and coatings. Our signage lasts longer and remains functional throughout the life of your job.

Add banners to announce significant milestones. Tell the public when the project will be finished. Build excitement for the area through visual communication elements.

With product this great, everyone will know how you feel about quality, durability and serviceability.

  • Site Signage

    Durable, long lasting and available in any size

  • Signage: Caution, Directions, Instructions

    Remove confusion and keep the site safe

  • Fencing: Mesh and Privacy

    Create interest in your project while keeping out unwanted guests

  • Stickers, Decals, Clings and Wraps

    Stick ’em on hats, trucks, supplies, windows and anywhere else.

Digital signage is noticed. Digital signage is cool. Digital signage is dynamic. Digital signage performs. Digital signage reinforces your brand. Digital signage gives directions and instructions. Digital signage is affordable. Digital signage pays for itself. Digital signage works.

Electronic displays in high-traffic areas are changing the face of our public spaces and the possibilities for digital signage are everywhere. Whether used for informational messaging, advertising, entertainment or architectural ambiance, these digital signage displays can transform the experiences of shopping, working and socializing. Ogden Blue is on the forefront of these trends with award-winning display offerings that are designed for the rigors of public venue installations, while delivering beautiful imagery befitting the world’s leading brands.

We offer a full-service solution, including installation, media player and controls, devices in sizes from 32-90″ single units and video walls as large as you can imagine. Do you need content? We’re here to help. Would touchscreen increase the value of your installation? We’ll deliver the best product for your needs. Do you want a clean look without the manufacturer logo? All of our product provides a clean design with nothing to detract from the video content.

Finally, digital signage is more affordable than you might think.

Vehicle Wraps, Decals and Magnets

Vehicle wraps and car decals create fantastic exposure for your company. High quality graphics tell your story, using up to every inch of your automobiles. Whether you are looking for a small visual element, large design work, or a full wrap, Ogden Blue has been there, done that more than any other business in the inter-mountain west.

Typical wraps will provide years of service and can be removed or replaced at a later time. Ogden Blue guarantees you a fantastic result:

  • Design

    Superior results begin with design, and SBR provides the strongest design team to create eye-catching, memorable wraps for any vehicle.

  • Installation

    Our trained professional installers understand the nuances of your car’s shapes. You’ll see their expertise in the smooth edges and finished trim. We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • High-quality Materials

    We only use the highest-quality vinyl, made to withstand the most severe weather extremes. Our product will hold fast to your vehicle and retain its vibrancy longer than you might imagine. Our products are meant to last for 3-5 years, and may last longer, depending on your care of the vehicle’s exterior. With 50 years of experience, rest assured that SBR and your vehicle graphics are with you for the long haul.

  • Cars and Trucks

    We have your template in stock. No matter your car, truck or van, we’re ready today to build an eye-catching wrap.

  • Semi-Tractors and Trailers

    There is no job too big .

  • Construction Vehicles

    Broadcast your brand while your crews are on the move.

  • Advertising Trailers

    Throw your colors on the side of a parked trailer and tell the world that you mean business.

  • Business Trailers

    Pull everyone’s eyes right to your brand and create a moving message wherever your business goes.

  • Race Cars

    Wrapyour ride with your sponsors and carry them across the finish line.

  • Motorcycles

    Small vehicle. Big look. The best of all worlds.

  • Go-Carts

    Put a little extra out there on the track.

  • 4-Wheelers

    Four wheels. Great graphics. That’s how “best” keeps getting better.

Floor Graphics


Ogden Blue is now printing custom designs on actual tile, suitable for floor or wall use! Ask us to see a demo product and discuss applications for your space.

Stop your customers in their tracks with Floor Graphics! You can use floor graphics to advertise new products or an upcoming promotion.

Great for retail space, grocery stores, discount centers, convention centers, auto dealerships, shopping malls and sporting events, floor graphics communicate your messages in a unique way. Available in custom designs with sizes and shapes to meet your needs, Ogden Blue floor graphics will stop customers in their tracks.

Floor graphics from Ogden Blue can:

  • Be created in all shapes and sizes
  • Include bold lettering and colorful graphics
  • Include short messages, photographic images and other three-dimensional effects for visual impact
  • Be effective indoors or out. They work on any smooth, non-porous flooring (vinyl, ceramic tile, sealed concrete, hardwood floors), can be printed on new vinyl and laminate to adhere to exterior sidewalks, and can cover uneven surfaces, including walls and floors.

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A beautiful book full of sample work and case studies, based on the work of Ogden Blue.

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A booklet showing the wide variety of products and services offered by Ogden Blue. We work to create the most complete, coordinated product offering for you.

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