Vision Graphics (Ogden Blue’s Parent Company) Brings Color to Utah State ARC with Environmental Graphics

New 100,000 sq ft facility opened in November 2015 with beautiful graphic elements on walls, windows and everywhere else.

Utah State recently completed their 105,000 sq ft Aggie Recreation Center (ARC) after 7 years of planning, funding and building. The look and feel of the building were very important to the planners, who spent a great deal of time working on the interior design and environmental graphics.

“We’ve got the state of Utah in a building,” said Chase Ellis, campus recreation director at USU. “Because it looks like you’re coming in a slot canyon on the south entrance … it will take you on a walk through the environment we live in, but then I like that tell people, ‘You’ll be working out in an art studio, versus a gym.’”

To complete such an involved project, Utah State University turned to Vision Graphics, a provider of large and grand format products. Vision Graphics was hired to produce and install all of the graphics.

According to Gene Chambers, sales executive at Vision Graphics, “13,000 sq ft of wall coverings were produced as well as over 2,000 sq ft of window coverings.” Vision Graphics was also called upon to create, produce and install a custom element, the function of which is to give the feeling of being inside a yurt. This element was placed in the student lounge and offers a unique environmental element.

The installation of the graphics spanned a number of months as the construction of the different areas of the rec center was completed. The process began during the summer months when Vision Graphics was involved in the site surveys to create final measurements for the production-quality graphics.

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