Vision Graphics Brings Color to the Utah Jazz and Vivint Smart Home Arena

Inside and out, Vision Graphics is the trusted partner of the Utah Jazz for visual communications.

Vision Graphics has finished its annual update of the home of the Utah Jazz, Vivint Smart Home Arena.

By the time fans approach and enter the arena, the experience has already begun. The outer windows of the arena are covered with 5-story graphics depicting the players and the theme for the year. Inside, the arena is full of the team’s colors and imagery, all in an effort to create a feeling of excitement, loyalty and enthusiasm for the home team.

“We do have some of the best players in the league on our team — some of the best athletes in the world,” Barnes said. “We just want to get people pumped up for the games.” – Ben Barnes, art director for Larry H. Miller Sports & Entertainment,

KSL reported on this major update of a Salt Lake City landmark, showing the work that was done to produce the outer window graphics and following through to the installation. Thousands of square feet of window space are updated each year to reflect the look and theme of the team.

The exterior window treatments are only a small part of the overall work. Each year, the interior treatments, including hanging banners in the hallways, floor graphics, column wraps, wayfinding and signage are updated, based on the players, the theme and changes in sponsorship.

This year’s production was significant as the arena sponsor changed from Energy Solutions to Vivint. When a change happens at this level, any visual element with the old sponsor’s branding has to be re-thought, re-designed and usually, replaced.

Few companies throughout the Intermountain West would be able to produce this size and volume of graphics, and Vision Graphics is proud to support the Utah Jazz with vibrant colors and crowd-pleasing graphics and elements.

In this first video, the emphasis is on the planning that goes into the actual project.

The second video provides additional footage of the installation process. Also, Roger Hendrickson, our Vision Graphics account executive, provides insight into the way these projects move forward through the shop.