Vision Graphics decorates 5,500 square feet in Santa Rosa, California

Graphics were flying high at the Hall of Flowers trade show

Held at the Sanoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California, the Hall of Flowers trade show hosted over 400 vendors from April 30, to May 1. There were five different structures that housed dispensaries, in addition to an outdoor lounge area. Vision Graphics supplied roughly 5,500 square feet in graphics that could be seen inside the dispensaries, outside on temporary walls, as well as on tables and fences.

Vision’s involvement in this job came by way of a smaller print company, DPI, who lacked the larger printing capacity that Vision has. A variety of materials were recommended by the experts at Vision which best suited the needs of the receiving client, Hall of Flowers.

Two of the materials used were Walk and Wall and Photo-Tex, which are both pressure adhesive vinyls, and covered 4,500 square feet. Walk and Wall was used to cover outdoor walls, asphalt, and tabletops due to its opaque complexion and ability to conceal irregularities amongst surfaces. The Photo-Tex isn’t as thick and allows some bleed thru from underlying surfaces, so it was used primarily on interior walls. The remaining 1,000 square feet was composed of 7 oz vinyl and was used to cover masonry walls with graphics.

On the day before the trade show Ryan Cox, a sales consultant for Vision Graphics, received word from his client that a significant number of graphics were going to be scrapped. These graphics were to be installed on temporary walls, but the event coordinator was concerned due to a wind factor. Recalling the situation, Cox stated, “Fortunately, the material that was spec’d is an ideal tradeshow graphic, it sticks to anything, is repositionable, and easily removable.” Due to the versatility of the spec’d material, and Cox’s expertise; he recommended that the remaining graphics be applied directly to the asphalt. The event coordinator loved the idea, and the installation ensued. This recommendation and design created an enhanced environment for attendees and allowed for the use of the graphics that had already been designed and printed.

Throughout the entire installation process, Vision’s team of installers showcased why they are experts in applying large graphics. Not only did they handle the work that they were directly involved in, but they adopted the responsibility of the last-minute graphics which came in through DPI’s shop. From being able to adapt to the unexpected circumstances, to knowing the correct application and anchoring techniques for each graphic; The group of experienced installers elevated the success of the entire trade show.

All in all, the Hall of Flowers trade show was a great success. Cox received feedback from his client at DPI who said, “This turned out great! We loved it.” Additionally, Cox was approached by the event coordinator the day of the trade show where she also offered her praise. Cox recalled their interaction, “She thought we did a tremendous job. The graphics are perfect, the install was great, the on the fly adjustments really put a smile on her face. She was really happy about that.”